Saturday, January 15, 2011

Our Current Year

For this current school year, J is working on the 8th grade and B is working on the 6th grade.  We are in our 9th year of home education and still love it.  When we began this journey, I didn't know how long it would last, but God has blessed beyond our wildest dreams and we are anticipating that both of them will continue at home until graduation.
Our curriculum choices for this year are probably considered a bit eclectic, but we use what works and are not afraid to make changes as we work through the year and find things that need tweaking.

Both kids are using the 3rd volume from Mystery of History. We've gone through all the books in the series and think they are great!  The first two volumes we also used the timeline figures and created spiral bound time-line books.  This year the kids voted not to color/cut/paste and we skipped that part.  They are doing much more of the mapping activities this year and it's added a nice geography boost to their studies.
This newest volume is a beautiful hard-cover reader and the kids work through each lesson doing the reading, taking notes and discussing the bits they find most interesting.  Generally they enjoy history and we've had a thorough grounding with this series.  We also do a lot of supplemental reading and use the Story of the World series for that as well as plenty of books from the library.
For Math they are using materials from BJU. J is working through pre-Algebra and B is doing Math 6.  J will also begin a free trial of Alek's math shortly to see if that will be a good fit for her to use for high school level math.  I know that I am capable of teaching some of it, but really prefer to have her work with something that will seriously challenge her and stretch her abilities.
Science is from Apologia.

J is working through their General Science and B has just finished up their elementary level Astronomy and will be starting their elementary level Anatomy & Physiology book shortly.  They both are learning a great deal and enjoy their science studies.  Apologia's materials are VERY thorough, provide a biblically based science that doesn't shy away from exploring the secular theories as well.  They have done experiments and projects and I'm very pleased with how much they are learning.
English is a mix of different publishers and products.  They both use Rod & Staff for the grammar work (J is 8th grade and B is 6th), they have spelling workbooks from Christian Liberty Press and are using Vocabulary from the Classical Roots.  J uses Lightning Literature from Hewitt and B is using a book from Pathway Readers.  They also have outside tutoring for their writing with WriteGuide and we LOVE that service!
They have dabbled in Latin using Latina Christiana and have finished level 1.  There is also an outside art class with a group of fellow home schooled students once a week that they have enjoyed this year.
Both of them play piano and we have a new teacher this year and longer lesson times, more practice time and have seen great leaps in improvement in their abilities - which obviously thrills me and pleases them to see their hard work paying off. 
Boy... condensing our year's worth of curriculum choices like that is HARD. :-)  I love to look at curriculum!  There are always so many options and such a wealth of resources available that it's exciting to see what they will have the opportunity to learn.  I love the freedom we have been blessed with in this educational journey.  They are not trapped by anything set in stone and have the freedom to explore a side-interest in addition to their regular studies.  We can slow down if things are difficult or move ahead more quickly if things are clicking easily.  We march to our own drummer and I'm thrilled with how well they both are thriving in this environment.
I love home schooling! 

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