Tuesday, September 13, 2011

And We Begin Again

Granite Bridge Academy year 2011-2012 has started!
We officially began our 10th year of schooling here at home a few weeks ago.  Wow!  How did that happen?  10th year?  Seriously?  Yes!
Jess is in the 9th grade, so if you count Kindergarten - that makes 10.  See...even the non-home-schooled Mom can do some math. :-)
We are embarking on high school and boy has that been an interesting beginning.  We have opted to work a more traditional textbook approach for our first year and plan to allow more flexibility in the coming years to give Jess room to pursue her own interests and passions as God leads and allows.  Jess is being really diligent and doing well so far.
My kitchen table this morning... we look busy huh?
Where do you do Algebra?
Ben is a 7th grader this year and as he is pushing into tougher material, I expect this year to be a bit more challenging for him.  He is bright and as he has absorbed so much from being around Jess all these years and doing so many subjects jointly with her, this is his first year of really swimming solo with all his subject material.  I expect he will rise to the challenges and do marvelously.  He has been fairly serious about his studies and is also really committed to praying for tests and such for both himself and Jess, which touches my heart.
A pencil tapping your head apparently helps with History.
They are both playing instruments again this year, Jess continues with piano and Ben is breaking into new territory with learning electric guitar.  I am anticipating there will be much music here in the coming months - which is just perfect for this mama!
Lord willing we will enjoy a successful year - and by that I mean that we will be open to His leading and working with whatever opportunities He places in our paths to serve others while we also work through the standard academics.  In the past few months God has been impressing on me the vital importance of really LIVING this life He has blessed us with each day.
To me that means sometimes (probably a lot of days!) we check off all our boxes on the schedule but that sometimes we take an afternoon off to bring dinner to a family in need, or play with some little ones so another Mom can attend to some urgent thing, or maybe even just take a day to go to the fair with family & friends and enjoy a fun & gorgeous day together - a simple gift.  Jesus took each day as the Father gave it...just obedient, prayerful, loving others, meeting needs and sharing truth.  That is what I want for our year... prayer... studying God's words together... reaching out to others to really LIVE and SHARE and LOVE.
God is so good and I don't want us to miss anything He has for us. 

May you be blessed as you begin this school year.

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