Wednesday, October 31, 2012


So my grand plans of a school related blog have been pretty much a big fail.

So... reset.

Ta-da!  We are in our new school year!  2012-2013 has already held a bunch of changes and I've exercised one of my favorite parts of home schooling - change stuff that isn't working!

We had high hopes of a new curriculum/style for this year but it wasn't meant to be.  We are box checkers, book readers, and generally like to have order/structure for certain things.  All this is good to know about when attempting to make changes.  We tried to be foot-loose and fancy-free and unstructured following vague plans, etc.  It made everyone cranky and stressed out.  So we scrapped the new stuff and went back to some more traditional things.  Now planning is easier, seeing what is next is MUCH easier and we are a generally happier bunch.

B is now officially in high school.  We decided to just skip 8th grade and bump him up since he's doing just about everything at the high school level anyway.  He and J are back to working together on several subjects and it makes life so much smoother all around.  They study together, quiz one another, help with tough spots.... it's a great thing!

We are almost finished with our first quarter and I'm tremendously pleased with their progress, grades and attitudes.  B has even had the amazing gift from God of an apprentice type situation once in while with a great guy from our church who does carpentry/construction.  He loves it and I love that God has provided a way to 'do shop' for him.

So... we'll see how my 'reset' goes, but I'm not holding my breath... I have lots to do!

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