Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Summer break - sort of

We have just officially ended our 2014-2015 school year.  Amazing!

Over Christmas this past year God did a complete up-ending of Jess' plans and we would up re-vamping her high school transcript and pushing her back a year to allow for planning or college in a new direction.  
This was no big deal in the grand scheme as she was a year ahead anyway and was fully finished with her high school requirements this year, so she's doing a year of dual-enrollment as part of the Community College "Early College" program locally.  This works really well as we're fairly confident that everything she does will transfer to her first choice college for next fall and make the transition easier over the long-haul.
After a bunch of college tours and visits she has decided that she doesn't want to 'go-away' for college and is planning (Lord willing) on attending school locally and living at home.  We are all good with this decision and thankful for the grace of God that has allowed her to find a 4-year school that she likes, with her study areas available, only 30 minutes away.  We will have to wait and see how God does things over the next 6 months to see what finally plays out.
Ben is learning to drive, starts his formal class for his license at the end of summer and has just one more year of his official requirements to complete. He then will most likely pursue the same dual-enrollment program that Jess is doing now.  This has the possibility of allowing him to complete an Associates degree by the time he finishes high school at 18.  Pretty impressive in my eyes. **insert proud mama smile**
My kids make me smile a lot!  They are both working this summer at a local farm as well as Jess working at the library too.  This translates into spending/savings money as well as bodies growing stronger, work ethics being refined, skills learned and interpersonal skills being honed.  
Jess is also taking a summer college math class at night twice a week.  This is the very first ever class-room with a teacher experience for her and she's handling it beautifully!  She speaks highly of the teacher, is making friends with the people in her class and so far pulling a good grade.  

I realized the other day that I'm pretty much coming to the end of my 'teaching' time with the kids.  Jess' classes next year are all at the college and Ben will only have a few with me as lead teacher.  Crazy to realize what we've accomplished!  They are such amazing young adults and I'm so ridiculously proud of both of them that I could burst at times.  Looking forward to seeing what God has planned for them in the coming years and praying His blessing on their lives!

Blessings on the journey~

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